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Linköping Municipality is investing in flexite for its Contact Center

Jan, 21, 2019
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It needs to be easier for Linköping residents to get answers to their various questions to the municipality. The municipality therefore opens a new contact center where they have chosen to use their existing flexite system for case management.

Linköping is one of Sweden's largest municipalities, with a population of almost 160,000. The municipality's new contact center should facilitate citizens' contacts with the municipality. Instead of being redirected to different service persons, the person seeking answers to a question should be able to get it directly and easily via the contact center.


- We are so excited that the municipality of Linköping uses flexite and we are really looking forward to continuing to work with one of Sweden's largest municipalities, says Stefan Karlsson, CEO of Flexite.


The contact center opens on April 4, 2019.