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Merry Christmas - The future is already here!

Dec, 19, 2018
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We are pleased to note that 2018 has been an eventful year and that much of it was about how to handle GDPR as our customers continued to develop and digitize their workflows using flexite.

Digital development is fast!

During the autumn we participated as a partner at the eGovernment Days - Sweden's largest conference and meeting place for everyone who works with business development, digitalization, IT and the introduction of citizen-oriented e-services within Sweden's public administrations.


We were given the opportunity to meet other like-minded people who are passionate about digitalization and got to listen to several interesting seminars. They all say the same thing. The digital development goes so fast that you cannot afford to be left behind. The future is already here. Are we prepared?


The study The Swedes and the Internet 2018 show among other things that:

  • 94% of Swedes use the internet.
  • The 16-25 year olds hit the ceiling when 100% use the internet.
  • 58% of the oldest age group of 76 years and older use the internet.
  • In the age range of 12-55 years, it is more common to use the internet with the mobile phone than with the computer.
  • 83% of Swedes use social media.
  • The average internet user uses at least 5 different messaging services.



The study describes the situation as it looks right now. Not in a few years. The numbers back up what we perceived on the eGovernment Days. Public administrations must prioritize and work hard to be able to offer digital solutions to citizens and companies.


We would like to thank you for a great 2018 and we look forward to continuing to develop and digitalize businesses with you all during 2019.


A really good digital Christmas and a Happy New Year wishes your friends at Flexite!