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Is your flexite system ready for GDPR?

Apr, 16, 2018
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On May 25, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), also called the Data Protection Regulation, replaces the Swedish Personal Data Act.

In short, GDPR means that if you save or otherwise handle personal data you must be aware of and have routines for how you handle personal information in your business.

Secure your use of flexite for GDPR

To follow GDPR you need, for each system, be sure of how you handle personal data. Only data that can legally be collected and which is really needed may be saved. It includes processes that run with flexite as well as operation and configuration of flexite.


To get the skills and knowledge you need to ensure that your use of flexite meets the demands of GDPR, you need to attend our special adopted training in information security. During the course you will receive guidelines for protecting the privacy of the individual and the system owner and how you reduce the complexity of managing individuals' rights in flexite around GDPR.


Please register for the next training session that is in connection with our user conference on May 16 in Stockholm.


Read more about the training and register here