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Our own experts will help you create your applications when needed

Professional support throughout your applications entire lifetime

When the business is developed, the application may need to be further developed and adapted. We offer professional services with expertise in modelling, application development and information management throughout your applications entire lifetime.

Make sure you meet the needs of the business

With flexite you can create unlimited amounts of applications in several different areas of use. Make sure you get the results you are looking for with our experience of running digitalization projects and creating powerful applications.

We are available and offer professional services when you need our help

Business and application development

  • Modelling
  • Form Development
  • Configuration
  • Integrations

Implementation projects with our generic project methodology

  1. Analysis of needs
  2. Development and testing
  3. Installation and introduction
  4. Further development and adaptations

Training in flexite and information management

  • Administrator training
  • Process Based Business Development (PBBD) training
  • Information security in flexite
  • Customized training

Adaptations and adjustments in your developed applications

  • Support
  • Helpdesk

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Per-Anders Bjuggstam

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